Monday, October 26, 2009

Module 9 Book Review

Book Info
The Ruby in the Smoke by Phillip Pullman
Sally Lockhart is in search of who murdered her father and after leaving her aunts house she sets out to find the answers. After meeting Jim Taylor and Frederick Garland, she finds more clues about her fathers death but also finds answers that she may not like.
My Thoughts
I like Phillip Pullman, even if some think he is controverisal with his other series. This series was a lot of fun to read, even though I had already seen the Masterpiece Theatre films. I enjoyed the atomosphere and the dark Victorian England. I also enjoyed learning about photography and how Frederick made his living.
Grade 7 Up A rip-roaring good adventure story filled with cutthroat villains, dastardly deeds, sleezy opium dens, filthy London slums, and a delightful 16-year-old heroine... There are twists and turns at every moment, with new characters constantly entering and old ones exiting (not by their own choice). Descriptions are vivid, colorful, and fully realized. Subtle innuendos enhance character development, and the understated humor keeps readers from taking the story too seriously. There are a few lapses in plotting and several contrivances, but these are minor flaws in a story that pulls together to become a rousing tale of murder and adventure in London in 1872. It's a book for sophisticated readers because of the variety of motivations and schemes as well as the shifts in setting within chapters, and one that's not for the timid because of the many murders.
(School Library Journal, 1987)
This book would be a good introduction to the classics of Dickens and his Victorian worlds. This could be in a display for Historical Dramas and then have a list of books that actually came from that time.

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