Monday, November 8, 2010

Elsie's Bird by Jane Yolen and David Small

Elsie's Bird
by Jane Yolen and David Small

Book Jacket Summary
Elsie is a city girl. She loves the noise of the cobbled streets of Boston. But when her mother dies and her father moves them to the faraway prairies of Nebraska, Elsie hears only the silence, and she feels alone in the wide sea of grass. Her only comfort is her canary, Timmy Tune. But when Timmy flies out the window, Elsie is forced to run after him, into the tall grass of the prairie, where she's finally able to hear the voice of the prairie—beautiful and noisy— and she begins to feel at home.

My Thoughts
The pictures in this book are extroridary and I wish that I could post some of the wonderful illustrations of Boston and the fieds of the West. Instead you will have to go and find a copy of Elsie's Bird at your local library or bookstore. The story is sweet and simple but you really feel for Elsie as she leaves her beloved Boston. The emotions that the book invoked were very similar to Sarah Plain and Tall, where Sarah left her Maine for the windy grass of the West. Like Sarah, Elsie at first rejects the differences of the sea towns but come to love the openess of the West. I highly recommend this book and hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. Also, check out David Small's website. He write the graphic novel Stitches that has been so highly exclaimed- now I have to check it out. His online sketchbook is so lovely!

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