Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Slow Days, Fast Friends by Erik Brooks

Slow Days, Fast Friends
by Erik Brooks

Book Jacket Summary
Howard the cheetah loves being fast. To him, every day is a race--and he always wins. But when Howard hurts his leg and can't run, the only animal he can keep up with is a sloth--the slowest creature around! How could anyone like being slow? It's up to Quince the sloth to show Howard how wonderful slow can be!

They watch the sun come up in the morning, and Howard notices all the beautiful colors for the first time. They close their eyes and listen as the elephants take their morning bath. Then, when Howard's leg feels better, he takes Quince for a ride and shows him how wonderful fast can be.

My Thoughts
I think I squealed when I saw this book... Cheetahs and sloths are my two favorite animals and finding a picture book that had them becoming friends is awesome. Thank you Erik Brooks for making my Christmas just a little brighter because this is the cutest book ever. In fact, this just went on my Christmas list... Hint, hint, Amy, Beth, or Mom. Yes, my Mom reads my blog :) Hi Mom! But I digress, yet again...
Howard (the cheetah) and Quince (the sloth) are as different as different can be but that does not stop them from becoming good friends. Howard actually is a blur when he runs around the other animals of Africa and they look on with mild displeasure. Of course, it takes Howard hurting his paw to notice that there is anyone in his fast paced blur of a world. After sulking for a while Howard notices how Quince is always still and quiet. Quice shows him the beauty in slowing down and noticing the world's sounds, sights, and smells that Howar never experienced becuase he was always in a rush. I love books about unusual friendships and a friendship between a sloth and cheetha definately counts! 


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