Monday, January 24, 2011

Bedtime Bunnies by Wendy Watson

Bedtime Bunnies
by Wendy Watson
Picture Book

Book Jacket Summary
It's always somebody's bedtime, somewhere in the world. In this book it's bedtime for five little rabbits. They come in from outdoors, have a snack, brush their teeth, take a bath, put on nightclothes, and listen to a story before being tucked in for the night. Outside, we see snowflakes falling. In the bunnies' home, all is warmth and coziness and playfulness and love. Four words per spread narrate the evening routine, and delightfully soft and spirited illustrations take readers into the bunnies' world. Young children who have this book as a bedtime companion are lucky indeed, especially if their own getting-ready-for-bed rituals are as familiar and tender as those of the five bunnies.

My Quick Thoughts
You better skip, scamper, scurry, and hop to your library and check out Bedtime Bunnies! With only four action words per page it is a easy read but it is also quite relaxing for a bedtime story. The five bunnies are scampering around in their brightly colored scarves and hats when their parent yell out "bedtime bunnies". They go through their bedtime routine of brushing teeth, bath time, and story time. This simple book is really sweet and a great addition to your bedtime routine.
For some reason this book made me really nostalgic for my old picture books. I think it was the illustrations and the simple design. My favorite page is the bath time scene where four little bunny heads stick out of the bubbles. There is just something so amusing about it!

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