Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Best Pet of All by David LaRochelle

The Best Pet of All
by David LaRochelle
illustrated by Hanako Walkiyama

Book Jacket Summary
This boy-wants-dog story with a twist is both snappy and endearing. The little boy's mother won't let him have a dog. Dogs are too messy and too loud. But she says he can have a dragon for a pet if he can find one. Enter the coolest but naughtiest pet ever. The dragon is messier and louder than any dog. And he will not leave. How will the boy ever get a dog now?
Wry, stylish illustrations with an appealing retro look perfectly complement the spare, witty text. A comical, engaging story for anyone who's ever wanted a pet!

My Quick Thoughts

I have a reputation at work for buying really good picture books (and I'm a bit proud of it). However, I was given credit for giving The Best Pet of All when I have not even heard of it! Good thing we have it in the library and I was able to rectify that immediately.

This book is a blast from the past and has a 1950's feel throughout the book. The antique drug store is adorable and the Mother's wardrobe enviable (however, the ironing not so much). I really enjoyed leafing through this book and seeing the destructive dragon taking a bath in spaghetti! Most of all, I understood that longing for a pet and the cajoling that goes with it. You ask every day, in every conceivable way and plan on bargaining your way to what you want. In my case it took until high school but for the boy in the book it took asking for a pet dragon.

I would highly recommend this book for all ages but especially for the youngsters. Especially since it is apparently a favorite of a 2 year-old boy!



  1. This is different from what I've seen on most of the blogs. Great pick.
    P.S. I'm your newest follower.

  2. Because dragons ARE the best! ;b
    (lol, looks like I'm not the only Beth. XD)

  3. BethFred- Thanks for following! Glad you liked the book!
    Beth-You are right- Dragons are the best!

  4. Agree with what second Beth said. :) What a cute little book, though sorry you couldn't take credit for getting it in the library.


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