Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pat the Zombie: A Cruel (Adult) Spoof

A co-worker sent this to me and I had to make sure it was real! Sure enough, it popped up on amazon and has its own website. Guess the Zombie genre was not satisfied with Jane Austen.

by Aaron Ximm. Illustrations by Kaveh Soofi
Published by Ten Speed Press
In this soon-to-be classic, trusting toddlers Paul and Judy play peek-a-boo with a shroud, inhale the aroma of decomposing remain s, check in the mirror for signs of infection, reach for Daddy’s putrefying face, and, of course, gut the Zombie! Grownup fans of the original will find all eight activities revoltingly re-imagined, with all their favorite touch-and-feel features creatively, yet sensitively, lampooned, as the undead come lurchingly back to life.



  1. It's official, my childhood has been ripped asunder. XD I'll have you know I immediately thought of one favorite children's book when I saw that cover, and I will give you 3 guesses and the first 2 don't count.


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