Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Anime Review: The Mystic Archives of Dantalian

The Mystic Archives of Dantalian
12 episodes
Publisher: Kadokawa Pictures Inc.
Air Date: Jul 15, 2011 to Sep 16, 2011

Crunchyroll Sumary
Hugh inherits a musty old mansion, along with the entire book collection contained within, from his grandfather - a bibliomaniac who once traded half his lands in exchange for a copy of a rare book. The only condition was that he also inherit the "Archives of Dantalian."
Having arrived at the mansion to put his grandfather's possessions in order, Hugh meets a girl of 12 or 13 quietly reading amongst the tall piles of books in the basement.
She is dressed in jet-black, and wears a lock around her neck. Her name is Dalian, and she controls the gateway to the Archives of Dantalian, where the forbidden mystic books of demonic wisdom are kept...

My Thoughts
I have been wanting to get back into anime and find out what the newest series appeal to me. I found one right away on CrunchyRoll. This is a site that releases new anime that just aired in Japan for American audiences. This is done with the permission of the studios and is a great way to see new shows legally. I was browsing through their fantasy anime and came across The Mystic Archives of Dantalian and knew I had to see it right away. 
This series follows the pair Hugh and Dalian on their quest to find Phantom Books that plague mankind. Dalian is a Biblio Princess and has access to the Phantom Books with Hugh as her Key Keeper. An anime series about books! I love those. The series is set in England right after World War I and Hugh has just served his country as a fighter pilot. He is left his grandfather’s estate and is supposed to “take care” of Dalian. He thinks Dalian is a pet and is surprised when he finds a girl reading books. Hugh seems to accept the role of Key Keeper and Phantom Books without hesitation but this is more of a desire to help than poor plot development. I would recommend this one to tweens and teens who love fantasy anime. The only weird part is when Hugh opens the Key around Dalian’s neck; he reaches inside of her to claim the book. Might be weird for those who are new to anime but older watchers will not think anything of it. Trust me when I say, they have seen weirder.

Anime Pairings
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  1. This so sounds like my kind of anime. I'll have to check it out on Crunchyroll soon. Thanks for the heads up, hun! ;)


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