Saturday, June 30, 2012

Get Dressed by Seymour Chwast

Get Dressed 
by Seymour Chwast
Personal Copy
Picture Book/Fold Out

Book Jacket Summary
Seymour Chwast celebrates the daily routine of getting dressed in this fittingly whimsical and satisfyingly unique novelty book. Unlike more traditional books on this topic that deal with the how of getting dressed, Get Dressed! instead tackles the why. The text “Get dressed to read about dragons” accompanies an illustration of a boy dressed in a makeshift knight costume. A girl in full floral garb stands in a garden alongside the text “Get dressed to hide.” The book features half and full gatefolds, which foreshadow the items of clothing to be seen and provide surprise reveals on each spread. With a die-cut magnetic closure, even the cover invites readers to peek inside!
My Thoughts
In Get Dressed, Chwast uses the activity of getting dressed as a way of expressing creativity. The first boy uses a belt, feather, a long-sleeved shirt, soup pot, lid, funnel, sword, socks, and a collar to read about dragons. Flaps open the book with foldout pages that hide what the items become when put together. Abram's Appleseed have some very unique graphic designs and layout. They have also done Huff and Puff (which I will review later) and I am impressed by their new line. The quality of the book is sturdy and will not be worn by all the lifting of pages on a consistent bases.
I would recommend his one to kids who love to dress up in different costumes. It has a creative way of making everyday things around the house into something fun and imaginative. Children should be encouraged to see what costumes they can come up with. Their own clothes and things around the house will be different once they see the possibility.

Book Pairings 
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