Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Close to Famous by Joan Bauer

Close to Famous 
by Joan Bauer
250 pages
Personal Copy 
Tween Realistic Fiction

Book Jacket Summary
Foster McFee dreams of having her own cooking show like her idol, celebrity chef Sonny Kroll. Macon Dillard's goal is to be a documentary filmmaker. Foster's mother Rayka longs to be a headliner instead of a back-up singer. And Miss Charleena plans a triumphant return to Hollywood. Everyone has a dream, but nobody is even close to famous in the little town of Culpepper. Until some unexpected events shake the town and its inhabitants-and put their big ambitions to the test. Full of humor, unforgettable characters, surprises, and lots and lots of heart, this is Joan Bauer at her most engaging.
My Thoughts
Do not read this book on an empty stomach! It is like Pie, there is a ton of recipes and people eating yummy food. I am loving books about quirky towns and eccentric people. This book fits right in that genre! The town of Culpeper is filled with quirky characters but they all feel real and not played for laughs. I really like that.
Foster bakes to escape from her troubles and there are quite a few! First off she and her Mama are on the run from an Elvis impersonator with a fiery temper, they left Foster's pillow case filled with her daddy's things, and Foster cannot read. All of these things have left Foster feeling scared, sad, and limited. She does have a dream of becoming a famous baker with her own TV show like her hero Sonny Kroll. Foster also finds the people in the small town of Culpeper have their own dreams. Macon wants to make documentaries about the things that make him angry. Miss Charleena wants to get over her heartbreak and get back into acting. Foster finds friends in these two and learns to trust people with her secrets.
This one goes into depth on how children can just give up on reading if they are not taught in a way that they can understand. Foster feels limited because she has been labeled as limited. Love that by the end she is still struggling but is willing to learn. I recommend this one to those who love cooking and to those who may be struggling with reading. Foster is an engaging character and she has a dream that she is working toward. I am trying to get my roommate to read it because she is into baking and it has such great tips. This is the first Joan Bauer book I have read and I will be reading them in the future. Fun book with memorable characters.

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