Sunday, July 22, 2012

For the Birds by Peggy Thomas

For the Birds
by Peggy Thomas
illustrated by Laura Jacques
40 pages
Picture Book Non-Fiction

Book Jacket Summary
Roger Tory Peterson revolutionized the way we look at and appreciate birds, animals, and plants. Some kids called him "Professor Nuts Peterson" because of his dedication to his craft; yet he went on to create the immensely popular Peterson Guides, which have sold more than seven million copies, and which birders everywhere appreciate for their simple text and exquisite illustrations. Working closely with the Roger Tory Peterson Institute in Jamestown, New York, author Peggy Thomas and artist Laura Jacques have created a fascinating portrait of a global environmentalist with this very first children's biography of Peterson.

My Thoughts
What a beautiful book! I was instantly drawn to the cover because of the realistically illustrated birds and the dreamy looking boy. They are so realistically portrayed and directly tell you that this book is about a boy with a love for all types of birds. Roger Tory Peterson had all the qualifications to become a naturalist with a fixation on birds. He was curious, patient, a brilliant illustrator, and a mind for science.
The book goes over Peterson's life and how he became the expert on birds that he is renowned for today. 
Jacques illustrates the book with vivid colors and adapted them from Peterson's own Field Guide. I would ave recommended this one to my cousin when he was younger because he knew all the birds and their markings. This will make any budding bird lover see that other share their hobby and learn about the man who help make the field guide that helps them learn about the birds they love.

Book Pairings
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