Sunday, July 1, 2012

One Horse Waiting for Me by Patricia Mullins

One Horse Waiting for Me 
by Patricia Mullins
Personal Copy
Picture Book

Book Jacket Summary
With a simple, rhyming text and lush, imaginative collage art, Patricia Mullins counts from "One horse waiting for me" to "Twelve horses running wild and free". Along the way readers will encounter horses of every possible variety, including work horses and show horses, rocking horses and carousel horses, winged horses in the clouds, mer-horses in the sea, and more. In this tribute to her favorite animal, Mullins creates horses that are as proud, dignified, and spirited as these beloved animals are in life. Her stunning illustrations will delight horse lovers of all ages.

My Thoughts
A counting book with beautiful horses? I would have been all over this book when I was little. I am the biggest horse fan and I went to horse camp every year as a tween. This picture book is gorgeous with all different types of horses and all the colors that Mullins could find.
The illustrations are done as a collage made from fine tissues and Japanese papers. It is amazing that such detailing can be made with paper but Mullins manages to make the horses look real but also magical. She uses pegasus' and hippocamps (half horse/half sea dragon) to show the more magical side of horses with carousel, rocking, and rolling horses for the littlest children.
I would recommend this one to kids who are fascinated with horses. I will be buying this one for a little girl who already loves books with animals. I am going to keep my copy and leaf through it every few months (it is that pretty).  

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