Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Princess and the Pig by Jonathan Emmett

The Princess and the Pig
by Jonathan Emmett
illustrated by Poly Bernatene
Picture Book

Book Jacket Summary
There's been a terrible mix-up in the royal nursery. Priscilla the princess has accidentally switched places with Pigmella, the farmer's new piglet. The kindly farmer and his wife believe it's the work of a good witch, while the ill-tempered king and queen blame the bad witch-after all, this happens in fairy tales all the time! While Priscilla grows up on the farm, poor yet very happy, things don't turn out quite so well for Pigmella. Kissing a frog has done wonders before, but will it work for a pig? 

My Thoughts
How many words for adorable are there and can I use them all to describe this book? I love fairy tales that go against the norm and this one has an original story line that fits the fairy tale theme. There are no fairies in this and no curses but a misunderstanding that switches the lives of a pig and a princess.
When a princess is accidentally switched for a pig, the King and Queen think that an evil fairy must have placed a curse on their beautiful baby. When a pig is switched for a beautiful baby girl, a farmer and his wife think that a good fairy must have heard their pleas for a baby. This story does not follow the typical "girl becomes princess and lives happily ever after" trope. It has its own flair and I highly approve of the way it ends. The illustrations also fit with the humorous mood of the story and seeing ladies-in-waiting chase after the princess pig is a hilarious sight.
This book will please any fairy tale enthusiast that thinks they have read all the fairy tales out there. It is original, funny, and very cute. I will have this one on stand-by for birthday gifts for little children. It is all together sweet and the good people end up happy. That is a perfect combination for a children's fairy tale.

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