Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Art Collector by Jane Wahl

The Art Collector
by Jane Wahl
illustrated by Rosalinde Bonnet
Picture Book

Book Jacket Summary
Oscar loves looking at art, but his own drawings never look the way he wants them to. So instead of making art, Oscar decides to collect art. Over the years, Oscar's collection grows and grows until a museum needs to be built to house it all.

My Thoughts
Oscar finds that he is not very talented at drawing like his grandmother but he does find a way to enjoy art in his own way. He starts collecting art and as he grows older he has enough to open a museum but hos grandmother's picture of a rooster still has the prized place in his home.
This is an adorable book and has cut art throughout. Oscar's head is huge compared to the rest of his body but it is more of a stylistic choice and I smiled every time I saw him. I also like that he finds his own way to appreciate art. I love the stage but I am not that great of an actress, so I built sets, was prop mistress and had walk on roles.
Find your own way of enjoying something! Also watch for the cute dalmation doing something cute on almost every page!

Book Pairings
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