Friday, August 17, 2012

Detective Blue by Steve Metzger

Detective Blue 
by Steve Metzger
illustrated by Tedd Arnold
32 pages
Picture Book

Book Jacket Summary
Miss Muffet is missing . . . and Detective Blue is on the case!

"Today started like any other day. The dish ran away with the spoon."

Little Boy Blue is all grown up, and he's a detective working to find Miss Muffet. Join in the fun as Detective Blue tries to crack the case with the help of his nursery rhyme friends. The fun is never-ending as Detective Blue interrogates grown-up nursery rhyme characters in order to solve the Missing Muffet Mystery. Kids, parents, and teachers can find a list of referenced nursery rhymes and go back into the story to find the characters.

My Quick Thoughts
This is one for children who are very familiar with Mother Goose rhymes. There are call backs from many rhymes that may not have integrated into popular culture but they mostly in the background. Blue has to solve the case of Little Miss Muffet's disappearance and runs into many familiar faces along the way. 
This is a really cute book with an interactive element. On the copyright page there is a list of Mother Goose characters to spot while reading. I would recommend checking it out of the library, it is a good book and will be fun to read through at bed time.

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