Saturday, August 25, 2012

Me and My Dragon by David Biedrzycki

Me and My Dragon 
by David Biedrzycki
Picture Book

Book Jacket Summary
 A boy lists all the reasons he wants a dragon and describes how he would take care of his new pet. He includes tips for selection (why you shouldn't choose a three-headed dragon), discipline (what to do if your dragon misbehaves), and diet (why you should never give a dragon broccoli).

My Thoughts
I want a dragon! This book explains all the way a boy would a boy could take care of a tiny fire breathing dragon. The book is brightly colored and quite detailed. My favorite illustration depicts a pet store window with dogs cowering in a corner, looking  at the dragon with pure horror. The dragon is bright red and has an inquisitive look all throughout. This is a high recommend from me, especially for boys! The sketches of the two on two on the inside cover are adorable. I love sketches of this sort and would love to see a graphic novel by Biedrzycki.

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  1. This cover cracks me up - that dragon is adorable lol


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