Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jake and Lily by Jerry Spinelli

Jake and Lily 
by Jerry Spinelli
narrated by Cassandra Morris and Jesse Bernstein
Audiobook Six Discs

Book Jacket Summary
Jake and Lily are twins. Even though they seem pretty different—Jake is the calm one and Lily has a temper; Lily is obsessed with trains and Jake collects cool rocks—they feel exactly the same, almost like two halves of one person. When one of them gets hurt, the other can feel it. They can communicate without words. And mysteriously, every year on their birthday, they sleepwalk to a train station in the middle of the night.

But the year they turn eleven, everything changes. Their parents announce it’s time for separate bedrooms, and Jake starts hanging out with a pack of boys on the block. Lily is devastated—not to mention really, really mad. And as she struggles to make friends and get a life apart from her twin, Jake finds himself dealing with a neighborhood bully and has to decide what kind of person he really is.

My Thoughts
Lily and Jake are twins that are growing apart, although Lily is fighting it tooth and nail. Jake wants his own identity and friends while Lily wants things to stay the same.
Jake falls in with a bad crowd and there were times when I was just groaning at the choices he was making. Bump, Nacho, and Burk are his new friends and they love to spot "goobers". This is anyone who is different from they think is the norm. They ride around on their bikes to see if they can spot one when Bump fins a super goober. This is Ernie and it easy to see why they think he is a super goober but all I wanted to do was shield him from the bully Jake was developing into. Lily on the other hand spends her time with her grandfather Poppy. The play cards and eat ice cream but it's not the same as hanging out with someone her own age. She goes through hobbies and friends to see if she can capture that same spark she had with Jake.
That spark was goombla, a connection that Lily and Jake have shared their entire life. They would sleep walk to the train station the night of their birthday, Jake would know if Lily was hurt or where she was hiding. This all but disappears throughout the book and it hurts Lily to the core. She has a hard time adjusting but in the end does find a friend that gets her. Jake meanwhile has to find courage in himself to finally stand up for what is right and see what true friendship is all about.
 This a great book to hand to a boy or girl who are feeling that change is taking over their lives. Poppy has some sage advice and I think that Lily and Jake grow a lot in this book. They are able to form their own personality but also keep what made them special as twins.

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