Monday, November 5, 2012

Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities by Mike Jung

Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities 
by Mike Jung
illustrated by Mike Maihack
320 pages
October 2012

Book Jacket Summary 
Vincent Wu is Captain Stupendous's No. 1 Fan, but even he has to admit that Captain Stupendous has been a little off lately. During Professor Mayhem's latest attack, Captain Stupendous barely made it out alive - although he did manage to save Vincent from a giant monster robot. It's Vincent's dream come true... until he finds out Captain Stupendous's secret identity: It's Polly Winnicott-Lee, the girl Vincent happens to have a crush on.

Captain Stupendous's powers were recently transferred to Polly in a fluke accident, and so while she has all of his super strength and super speed, she doesn't know how to use them, and she definitely doesn't know all the strengths and weaknesses of his many nemeses. But Vincent and his friends are just the right fan club to train up their favorite superhero before he (she?) has to face Professor Mayhem again. And if they make it through this battle for the safety of Copperplate City, Vincent might just get up the courage to ask Polly on a date.

My Thoughts
I love graphic novels but sometimes a kid might be ready to step up and try out a book. This would be the perfect next step because it feels like a graphic novel with superheroes, villains, and giant robots destroying the city! Vincent, Max, and George form up the Captain Stupendous Fan Club, not to be confused with the Official Captain Stupendous Fan Club or the Stupendites. Vincent is the president of the club and knows everything there is to know about Captain Stupendous, especially when something is terribly wrong. CS is not up to par lately and soon Vincent finds out why, the original Captain Stupendous died and gave his powers to the last person he saw, Polly. She is Vincent's long standing crush and he is thrilled to be able to train Polly. This works until Vincent's mother is capture by Professor Mayhem and everything is really on the line. 
I do like that Vincent really likes Polly's slight gap in front teeth. See girls! What you might think is a flaw, boys might think is the cutest thing about you! They make a cute couple and I am excited to see where this series takes off. I love the world of superheroes and villains that fight in the street. It is so true that the middle schooler's would flood the streets to witness a fight and celebrate their hero's victory. I would recommend this one to those who love graphic novels. This book even has pictures buts does not rely on them to tell the whole story. Jung has created a cast of characters that are memorable and varied.

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