Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So Close to You by Rachel Carter

So Close to You
by Rachel Carter
320 pages
YA Time Travel
Book Jacket Summary
Lydia Bentley has heard stories about the Montauk Project all her life: stories about the strange things that took place at the abandoned military base near her home and the people who've disappeared over the years. Stories about people like her own great-grandfather.

When Lydia stumbles into a portal that transports her to a dangerous and strange new reality, she discovers that all the stories she's ever heard about the Montauk Project are true, and that she's in the middle of one of the most dangerous experiments in history.

Alongside a darkly mysterious boy she is wary to trust, Lydia begins to unravel the secrets surrounding the Project. But the truths behind these secrets force her to question all her choices--and if Lydia chooses wrong, she might not save her family but destroy them . . . and herself.
My Thoughts
I started this book without knowing much about it and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is a time travel book. Not just a time travel book but one that takes our main character to the 1940's! Be still my heart!
Lydia Bentley is drawn to Camp Hero because of her grandfather's obsession with the disappearance of his own father sixty-five years ago. They explore the camp's old barracks over and over again. Although Lydia does not buy into the conspiracy theories, she does support her grandfather. Forgetting her sweater she goes back to the abandoned barracks and finds a concrete door open. Exploring the barrack she finds the lab that her grandfather claims has always been there.
Running into a boy, Wes, he warns her to run but in her fright she pushes a button to get out but ends up passing out. When Lydia awakens Wes hides her outside in the woods but she runs off. What she finds is that she is stuck in the 1940's  and Lydia has the chance to find out what happened to her great-grandfather.
I enjoyed this book, especially when Lydia is transported to the 1940's. She has to learn the lingo and wear a girdle. I knew many of the terms and movies due to my love of old movies but it may make teens interested in the past. Lydia also meets her family and her great-aunt Mary, a teenager in the past. They have so much in common and they become fast friends. It is a fun mystery and you are unsure if Lydia is changing the future by being there. She catches the eye of one of the soldiers, Lucas, but you know they are not meant to be because Lydia is falling in love with Wes. I cannot wait for the next book because SPOILERS it ends in a giant cliffhanger END! The characters are interesting and I really like Lydia. I am loving the time travel aspect and you know that there has to be more in the next one!
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