Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bah! Humbug? by Lorna Balian and Lecia Balian

Bah! Humbug?
Bah! Humbug? 
by Lorna Balian and Lecia Balian
Picture Book Christmas

Book Jacket Summary
Lorna Balian's charming Christmas story is reissued with full color added by her daughter Lecia. Margie writes to Santa Claus asking him for a new teddy bear since her teddy, Herold, is looking a bit shabby. Her bossy older brother Arthur believes that Santa Claus is a humbug and plans to prove it by creating a trap to catch him. Lorna's delightful illustrations show that Arthur might be wrong about Santa after all. An endearing Christmas tale that will delight both boys and girls alike.

My Thoughts
Margie is convinced that Santa Claus is real and her brother Arthur is out to prove her wrong. After stringing up traps of bells and balloons to prove that Santa could not possibly come down, Arthur promptly falls asleep leaving Margie alone to wait out the night. Of course Santa pops down and gives Margie exactly what she wanted for Christmas leaving presents under the tree. Arthur wakes up and is clearly startled! This is a cute story that is slightly predictable but in the best possible way. I love the illustration of the Herald the teddy bear reading Margie's letter asking for a new teddy bear because his stomach fur is worn out. He looks shock and scared! Instead of a new bear Herald gets a new fur coat to cover up his worn belly! This is a great book to check out of the library and read to those who might have a few doubts about the man in the red suit.

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