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V is for Virgin by Kelly Oram Blog Tour

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Author Kelly Oram

Kelly Oram wrote her first novel at age fifteen–a fan fiction about her favorite music group, The Backstreet Boys, for which family and friends still tease her. She's obsessed with reading, talks way too much, and loves to eat frosting by the spoonful. She lives outside of Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and four children.

V is for Virgin
When Val Jensen gets dumped for her decision to stay a virgin until marriage, the nasty breakup goes viral on YouTube, making her the latest internet sensation.
After days of ridicule from her peers, Val starts a school-wide campaign to rally support for her cause. She meant to make a statement, but she never dreamed the entire nation would get caught up in the controversy.

As if becoming nationally recognized as “Virgin Val” isn’t enough, Val’s already hectic life starts to spin wildly out of control when bad boy Kyle Hamilton, lead singer for the hit rock band Tralse, decides to take her abstinence as a personal challenge.

How can a girl stay true to herself when this year’s Sexiest Man Alive is doing everything in his power to win her over?

V is for Virgin is scheduled to be released on December 11, 2012.

For those who might wonder about content based on the title -
From Kelly: The book has a great overall message and promotes good strong moral values. For a book all about sex, there's not anything even close to a sex scene in it, but because of the nature of the topic there is a lot of innuendo/sexual humor and some name calling.

My Thoughts
Sex is not something to be pressured into and this is a great book about a girl who has the whole nations attention when a YouTube video of her deceleration of her virginity goes viral. Val is a product of a teenage pregnancy and was adopted by a loving couple but that thought of a teenage pregnancy weighs heavily on her mind. Val is determined to stay a virgin until she marries. However, the worlds biggest rock star is seeing this as a challenge and is determined to concur Val. 
I highly enjoyed this book because I like that Val sticks to her guns because the world is pressuring her to have sex. That should be her decision and no one else should have the right to pressure her into something she is not ready for. Another good book to pair this with is Meg Cabot's Ready or Not. This book has the same message except Sam is ready to have sex with her boyfriend and says so on national TV. She is labeled a slut by those around her even though she has not gone through with it. These are very personal choices and I think that girls should not be labeled either way. *Getting off my soapbox now*
I would recommend this one to girls and guys. Guys because you need to see what is going through a girls mind when she says that she is not ready and girls because there are other girls out there who are not ready as well and that is okay. Fun book with lots of witty banter! 


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