Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Paper Artist by Gail D. Green...


Paper Artist Creations Kids Can Fold, Tear, Wear, or Share
by Gail D. Green, Kara L. Laughlin, and Jennifer Phillips
112 pages
Non-Fiction Crafting
February 2013

Book Jacket Summary
What marvelous material can be cut, glued, folded, or curled to form 3D works of art? Paper! Step into the world of paper crafts, and sculpt school programs into treasured keepsakes, ceral boxes into gift bags, and crepe paper into sassy skirts. Paper is not just for drawing! Budding artists use paper to create everything from lanterns to  picture frames. Simple, step-by-step instructions and big, full color photographs help readers maximize their potential.

My Thoughts
This book has a ton of cute crafts for the crafter in the house. I would probably hand this one off to a more experienced crafter because it has more advanced type of paper folding and you need to make precise cuts with a crafting knife. My favorite craft was the Initially Quilled letter (probably because the display was already a K) that you can make from programs. I just wish there were a few more pictures to show how the steps go. There is just a list (a detailed list) and I know I work better with visuals. This book will be perfect for a crafter who wants to use up the paper in their house. I know I might be scouring Micheal's and Hobby Lobby for scrapbooking paper for homemade box toppers. I would have this book out on display after a craft time at the library for those who love to make their own items.

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