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The Research Virtuoso: How to Find Anything You Need to Know by Toronto Public Library


The Research Virtuoso: 
How to Find Anything You Need to Know 
by Toronto Public Library
136 pages
Feb. 2012

Book Jacket Summary
Take your research skills beyond googling-for school and for life.
Armed with this lively guidebook, students will be ready to face the often daunting prospect of conducting serious research in the information age. Fully revised, THE RESEARCH VIRTUOSO covers all aspects of research: how to decide on a topic, take notes, skim material, evaluate which sources (especially those on the Internet) are most reliable, organize information, and create a bibliography. Readers will also learn how to access a treasure trove of sources they may never have known existed, such as special collections and private libraries. THE RESEARCH VIRTUOSO goes on to show how effective research skills will help students succeed not only at school, but also in life: when considering a company to work for or purchasing anything from electronics to a house. Charts, lists, diagrams, and Grab & Go templates clarify and expand the text. An essential tool for every student!

THE RESEARCH VIRTUOSO was developed by a team of experts within the Toronto Public Library team. The contributors have extensive backgrounds as educators, librarians, and authors of award-winning publications on research.
My Thoughts
As a librarian I like to keep my research skills sharp and when I saw this particular book on NetGalley I wondered what the Toronto Library had to teach. This is more of how to for beginners who might have not had to to do research papers since high school. It goes through the why's of research and gathering your thoughts in the first section. The library does an excellent way of helping the researcher "make friends with your research assignment." Looking at all angles and making sure you know exactly what you are researching. The second section is how to find the information you are looking for in your research. There is even a break down of the catalog record and how to search a database.
This book would be very helpful for those in a public library setting who are unfamiliar with how to research. The Toronto Library also has a book for teens that I would like to get my hand on called Research Ate My Brain: The Panic-Proof Guide to Surviving Homework. Please let me know if you know of any current titles that will keep me abreast of the current topics in Library Science.     

Book Pairings 
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