Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hooray for Amanda and Her Alligator by Mo Willems

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Hooray for Amanda and Her Alligator 
by Mo Willems
69 pages
Picture Book
April 2011

Book Jacket Summary
61/2 stories about 2 surprising friends.

Having a stuffed alligator for a best friend can be surprising.

Sometimes Amanda surprises her alligator with books. Sometimes Alligator surprises Amanda by eating them.

But what happens when Amanda brings home a special--and not entirely welcome--surprise? The result might be unexpected indeed.

Beloved author-illustrator Mo Willems has created a funny and tender portrait of friendship that readers of any age will love

My Thoughts
Oh Mo Willems, will I ever find a book of yours that I do not love? I certainly hope not!
Hooray for Amanda and Her Alligator is another of Willems great books for kids. Alligator gets sad and lonely when Amanda leaves for library without him. He is no good at waiting and wants to be with Amanda all the time. There is even an old Thinking Cap with light bulbs attached for when he gets an idea of how to give Amanda a good scare because she surprised him with a big Boo! There is also a lesson in sharing and not being afraid of a new friend. Amanda's grandfather buys her a stuffed panda and at first Alligator is very, very jealous but soon learns that Panda likes to do the same thing he does when Amanda is not there! I like the six and 1/2 stories that take place in this picture book and would recommend it to any kid that loves their toys and wishes they could talk.     

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