Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kylie Jean: Cupcake Queen by Marci Peschke

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Kylie Jean: Cupcake Queen 
by Marci Peschke
illustrated by Tuesday Mourning
105 pages
NetGalley: Capstone Young Readers
February 2013

Book Jacket Summary
Kylie Jean needs money, so she decides to start selling cupcakes. But her doggie cupcakes can fund a really important cause—helping orphan dogs at the shelter! From the Kylie Jean series. For ages 6-8.

My Thoughts
Kylie Jean is series that is perfect for young readers. She is always interested in new things and willing to try dancing, rodeos, or theater. In Cupcake Queen, Kylie Jean is wanting to make some of he own money but ultimately gives her earning to the local dog shelter that is in danger of closing down. It is a sweet and simple story about Kylie Jean's learning how to make cupcakes, hosting a garage sale, and convincing a neighbor to adopt a cute older dog.
The book includes the usual Kylie Jean introduction of herself, her family, and her dream of being a beauty queen. The author also includes a glossary of words that Kylie Jean learns throughout the book. such as: donate, etiquette, loan, and profit. There are also questions that would help a child talk through what they would do with money they would earn and a a section that concentrates on being creative with drawings. Plus a recipe on how to make Princess Cupcakes! This series is really cute and perfect for the girly girl in your family.

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