Friday, February 8, 2013

Little Dino's Don't Bite by Michael Dahl

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Little Dino's Don't Bite 
by Michael Dahl
illustrated by Adam Record
Board Book
February 2013

Book Jacket Summary
Little Dino must learn that even though he has nice, sharp teeth, he can’t bite anything — or anyone — he wants to.

For the youngest learners, fun, cheerful read-alouds that help guide a child’s first steps in learning and growing. With bright, bold art and humorous stories, the Little Dino books focus on troublesome behavior in a fun but constructive way.

My Quick Thoughts
There is something about a board book that makes me smile. I think it's because we associate them with babies and toddlers. This book will do well with the toddler set who are the biters. They like to bite things but not the right things. This little dino likes to bite his toys, chairs, shoes, and even his mom! Boy does that one get him in trouble. Instead he is encouraged to bite into an apple, carrots, or crackers. All those make a satisfying crunch. Bright colors and a simple story will make children smile, especially those who like dinosaurs. It is cute enough for kids and adults will get a kick out of the last line. 

Book Pairings
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