Friday, March 1, 2013

Cookie, The Walker by Chris Monroe

Cookie, the Walker 
by Chris Monroe
Picture Book
March 2013

Book Jacket Summary
Cookie the dog doesn't walk like other dogs. She walks on her hind legs, and what a sight that is! Cookie's walking catches the attention of a show producer, who turns her into a star. And with fame comes benefits: bacon, candy, a fanny pack, her own mini-fridge…

But the more Cookie walks, the more people expect from her. Cookie's old friend Kevin keeps reminding her about how great her regular life used to be. And Cookie's legs are getting tired. Will Cookie keep walking for fame and fortune? Or will she stand down and get her life back?  

My Thoughts
Cookie learns that walking on her hind legs earns her extra treats and a better view of the tables in her house. Out one day with her friend Kevin, she is spotted by Beatrix Havior of B. Havior Behavior Barn and is asked to be in their next dog show. Cookie rises to fame through a circus to her own TV show! Snacks are her deciding factor but there comes a point where not even a snack can make her truly happy. Instead she gets down on all fours again and resumes her normal life.
This is a cute book with funny illustrations and a great premise! Cookie is a sweet dog but lets fame and snacks go to her head. Tired and discontent she lets Kevin talk her into forgoing a walk around the world. Poor Kevin gets shoved out of the way as more and more people want to talk to Cookie but he is a good friend.
I would definitely recommend this one because it is cute, sweet, and funny!

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