Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Princess Addison Gets Angry by Molly Martin

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 Princess Addison Gets Angry 
by Molly Martin
illustrated by Melanie Florian
NetGalley- Capstone Young Readers
Picture Books
January 2013

Book Jacket Summary
Princess Addison is used to getting whatever she wants. But when it starts raining and she can't go outside with her dogs, she gets very angry. Princess Addison becomes Princess Angry and must learn how to deal with her emotions.

From the Princess Heart series. For ages 2-6. The Princess Heart series offers charming, relatable stories that help a child identify and deal with emotions. Fresh art and adorable princess characters will fill every heart with happiness!

My Thoughts
Princess Addison Lorelei Tiffany Genevieve Sinclair is usually the model princess but when the weather turns foul, so does she. All she wants to do is go outside with her dogs but the rain in ruining her plans. She raises a royal ruckus and has now become Princess Angry. Her mother gently reminds Addison that princesses can get mad but they should not throw things or hurt other people, instead a princess should focus her energies elsewhere.
This is a nice book about getting your way in a more graceful manner. Princess Addison throws a wild fit at the prospects of her wonderful afternoon being ruined by the rain but calms down when she is reminded of the fun things she can do inside. Sometimes a child loses their calm under unexpected situations (sometimes I still do) and it is okay to tell them that this is normal but that they should control their more aggressive tendencies. A good moral lesson book with princesses and puppies scattered through out the pages. Worth a check out of the library.

Book Pairings 
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  1. This looks like such a cute little book. And it'd be perfect for my daughter, she's a princess, but when her temper gets going...

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