Monday, March 18, 2013

Tallulah's Tutu by Marilyn Singer

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Tallulah's Tutu by Marilyn Singer
illustrated by Alexandra Boiger
40 pages
Clarion Books
Picture Book
Personal Copy
March 2011

Book Jacket Summary
Tallulah just knew she could be a great ballerina, if only she had a tutu. So she starts ballet class. When she does not receive a tutu, she quits. But everywhere she goes, things keep reminding her of ballet. Her neighbor’s basset hound always stands in second position. The kitchen clock performs perfect ronds de jambe. And Tallulah can’t seem to stop doing ballet, either. A park bench makes a perfect barre, and what better way to pet the dog than with a graceful pliĆ©? This well-told, funny story with a smart new character will satisfy girls’ cravings for pretty and pink, but also shows that ballet is about more than just the tutu.

My Thoughts
I think most little girls want to be a ballet dancer at some point and many take lessons thinking they will get to wear a beautiful tutu. I know I did! I have always been fascinated by ballet, I blame the Baryshnikov Nutcracker that we watched every Christmas. This is a perfect book for that budding ballerina in your household. 
Tallulah knows that she will the best of ballerinas if only she could have a tutu! She goes for her first ballet lesson, then her second and third but no tutu! What is a graceful dancer to do? Pout and stamp her foot? Well... maybe Tallulah does that at first but she soon realizes that there is more to ballet than just a tutu. It is about loving to dance and always wanting to do what you love. Spoiler Alert- she does get her tutu in the end. 
This is the first book of three that chronicles Tallulah's love of ballet and I love these books. The are beautifully illustrated by Boiger with pinks, purples, and blues. Tallulah also has the most expressive face! I bought this one for a little girl who will have the most extensive ballet library if I have anything to do with it (her mother was a dancer). I highly recommend this one because there is also a boy in the ballet class and Tallulah's brother becomes interested in ballet as she takes classes. Such a cute book!   

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