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Doctor Who: Devil in the Smoke by Justin Richards

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Doctor Who: Devil in the Smoke
by Justin Richards
67 pages
NetGalley- BBC Books
Short Story E-book
December 2012

Book Jacket Summary
Madame Vastra, the fabled Lizard Woman of Paternoster Row, knew death in many shapes and forms. But perhaps one of the most bizarre of these was death by snow...

On a cold day in December, two young boys, tired of sweeping snow from the workhouse yard, decide to build a snowman – and are confronted with a strange and grisly mystery. In horrified fascination, they watch as their snowman begins to bleed...

The search for answers to this impossible event will plunge Harry into the most hazardous – and exhilarating – adventure of his life.  He will encounter a hideous troll. He will dine with a mysterious parlour maid.  And he will help the Great Detective, Madame Vastra, save the world from the terrifying Devil in the Smoke.

My Thoughts
For those of you who love Doctor Who's side characters, Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax from the 2012 Christmas special, are in for a treat.  This short story focuses on the adventures of these three against a smoke monster that is threatening the world. Madame Vastra is a lizard woman from the dawn of time that was awoken from slumber and has now settled in Victorian London where she has become a consulting detective to Scotland Yard. She hired Jenny to be her maid but she now shares in Vastra's adventures. Strax is a Sontaran warrior that has been reduced to their butler and look like a troll, at least to Henry who brings them their next case. 
This is a fun adventure that is only 60+ pages but has a face pace and gives a look into the lives of the characters who assist the Doctor from time to time. I highly recommend this on to Doctor Who fans (of course) and for those who loved our Victorian heroes!

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