Friday, April 26, 2013

Snorkeling With Sea-bots by Amy J Lemke

Snorkeling With Sea-bots 
by Amy J. Lemke
34 pages
NetGalley- Capstone Young Readers
February 2013

Book Jacket Summary
Kolten discovers a robot named Rip on the ocean floor. Rip shows Kolten how robots control the movement of the ocean from their home, Sea City.

From the Comics Land series. For ages 5-7. Comics Land welcome young readers into a world of funny and quirky adventures told in popular comic style. These stories feature easy-to-read text, likeable characters and awesome art.

My Quick Thoughts
Kolten goes snorekling off the coast in Comics Land. His mother urges him to stay where she can see him and he plan to until a robot brings him to Sea City. This city run the ocean, with robots on post for waves, seaweed, and bubbles. 
This is a very fast read but is entertaining throughout. It is a comic with panels but feels a bit more like a picture book. The pictures are bright and I like the look of the sea-bots, each one is different and has a unique look. There is also a preview for the next book that takes place in Comics Land. There are also puzzles and a how to draw section at the back of the book. Cute and would be diverting on a rainy day or a beach trip!

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