Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ten Ways to Make My Sister Disappear by Norma Fox Mazer

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Ten Ways to Make My Sister Disappear 
by Norma Fox Mazer 
148 pages
Arthur A. Levine Books  
September 2007

Book Jacket Summary
It's little sister vs. big in this fresh take on a classic struggle by a master storyteller.

Everything ten year-old Sprig wants, her older sister Dakota already has. Everything Sprig does, Dakota does better. And anytime Sprig complains, Dakota just grins and calls her a baby. It’s enough to make a kid wish her sister would disappear.

But in a year when Sprig’s father is away, her favorite neighbor is ill, and the class bully is acting almost like, well, a boyfriend, Sprig discovers that allies come in unexpected shapes. Sometimes they’re even related to you.

My Thoughts
I never had a siblings growing up and in some ways when I read a book like this I am both happy and sad. Sprig misses the relationship she had with her sister, Dakota, before she became boy crazy and mean. Her father is going to Afghanistan as an engineer to build schools for girls. Miss Ruthie intrusts Dakota to take care of the dog Cora. She is also quarreling with her best friend Bliss. In other words, things are not going that well for Sprig.
So she makes a list called Ten Ways to Make My Sister Disappear. The weirdest was number 10- Juice her like an orange and drink her down but my favorite is number 9- Put her in a hot air balloon and send it around the world. Things do get better for Sprig when she saves Miss Ruthie's life after she suffers from a stroke. She also knows that her father is doing good overseas and her sister might be impressed with her for being a supportive sister during a breakup.
This is a nice story for those in tween age and might be a little wary of navigating the halls middle school. Things change and that might make some very uncomfortable or maybe make them crybabies in the eyes of their siblings. It also could be a help for those with family overseas but necessarily in the military. Sprig is learning to deal with growing up and dealing with responsibility.

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