Wednesday, May 22, 2013

In the Tree House by Andrew Larsen

In the Tree House
In the Tree House 
by Andrew Larsen
illustrated by Dusan Petricic
32 pages
NetGalley- Kids Can Press
Picture Book
April 2013

Book Jacket Summary
An evocative story about two brothers who are growing up (one faster than the other), an unusual summer night and a special tree house that proves childhood is not just a time but also a place.
My Thoughts
After dreaming of building a tree house becomes a reality, a nameless boy love it when he and his brother hang out in their tree house. However, his brother soon only wants to hang ot with his friends and pretends his little brother does not exist. On the night of a black out they reconnect and it is really sweet. I really like Petricic's depiction of the blackout because it really shows how people in the neighborhood connect by not having anything in the background shown. The brothers are the same way, with flashlights showing the cards and comics that they played with in the past. They also can see the stars with the city wide blackout and world feels smaller and more interconnected because of it.
A nice book that shows how we can reconnect if we can only put down our electronics. Pretty illustrations and a great story line. Check it out.   

Book Pairings
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