Friday, May 3, 2013

Mr. Flux by Kyo Maclear

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Mr. Flux 
by Kyo Maclear
illustrated by Matte Stephens
32 pages
NetGalley-Kids Can Press
Picture Books
April 2013

Book Jacket Summary
Martin and his neighbors eschew change until eccentric Mr. Flux moves in and shows them that change can be big or little or even fit inside a box, and not at all scary. A tongue-in-cheek tale loosely inspired by the 1960s art movement known as Fluxus.
My Thoughts
Learned a new word, Cacophony: a harsh or discordant sound and I learned about the Fluxus movement from the 1960's. I love picture books that expand ones mind and can be enjoyed by kids and adults. Fluxus, according to the the Authors Note, was "brought together [by] artists, filmmakers, and musicians from all over the world who shared a love of humor and playfulness and change."
The book centers around a small street of people who are afraid of change. When Mr. Flux moves in and creates chaos with his constant change. He slowly recruits Martin into mixing things up and starts small with having toast instead of cereal and riding his new bicycle. Such ideas as "you can make change or it can make you" and "change is to make us look more closely" are introduced. This is a very cute picture book that will help kids deal with change and learn that mixing things up can be fun rather than scarey. Plus you learn about a new movement of thinking.

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