Thursday, May 23, 2013

Willow Finds a Way by Lana Button

Willow Finds a Way
Willow Finds a Way 
by Lana Button
illustrated by Tania Howells
32 pages 
NetGalley- Kids Can Press
Picture Book
March 2013 

Books Jacket Summary
Willow is thrilled the whole class -- including her! -- is invited to classmate Kristabelle's fantastic birthday party, until the bossy birthday girl starts crossing guests off the list when they dare cross her. There are many books on bullying, but Willow's story offers a unique look at how to handle the situation as a bystander.

My Thoughts
When Kristabelle has a fantastic birthday planned she uses her new found power to make everyone do as she says. Willow wants to say that this is mean but the words can never quite come out. Instead she takes a stand in another way and it leads to some peace in the classroom. However Willow notices that Kristabelle is extremely sad and she extends her hand in friendship.
This is a simple book about what to do when you are a bystander to bullies. I actually thought that Willow's action was thoughtful and created a better stand than any words. It is a good book for children who might see bullying in their classrooms.

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