Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Bedtime Kiss for Chester Raccoon by Audrey Penn

A Bedtime Kiss for Chester Raccoon 
by Audrey Penn
illustrated by Barbara L. Gibson
14 pages
NetGalley-  Tanglewood Press 
July 26th 2011

Book Jacket Summary
The sun is up, it's time for little Chester Raccoon to go to bed, but he is frightened by the shadows the sun is creating on the walls. Mrs. Raccoon soothes him with a Kissing Hand, and he is able to go to sleep.
This sweet and decidedly unscary board book is both a light-hearted way to calm children's fears at bedtime, along with a gentle introduction to Chester Raccoon and the Kissing Hand for the younger child. Funny illustrations will gentle the scary-looking shadows in a bedroom.

My Thoughts
This would be the perfect story to read before bedtime! It deals with scary shadows on the wall that look like crocodiles or six foot spiders that might crawl up the wall. Chester's mother kisses his hand to reassure him that there is nothing to fear. This is a companion book to The Kissing Hand that deals with anxiety of school. I enjoyed the difference in how the nocturnal Chester would be afraid of a sunbeam and the shadow it casts rather than our shadows caused by the moon. Plus we would dream of a peaceful day and Chester dreams of fireflies and moonlight. 
Very cute and great for kids who might be afraid to go to sleep. The illustrations are more cartoony than The Kissing Hand but it works for the board book fort. Worth checking out. 
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  1. looks like a sweet story i can share with my childern

  2. it is Interesting,thank you for your share


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