Friday, June 14, 2013

Stitch Head by Guy Bass

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Stitch Head
by Guy Bass
illustrated by Pete Williamson
176 pages

Book Jacket Summary
In the frightening, maze-like dungeon laboratory deep within Castle Grotteskew, mad scientist Professor Erasmus brings his bizarre experiments to life. His first creation, Stitch Head, has long been ignored and forgotten.  But when a traveling circus ringmaster promises to make him a star, Stitch Head is torn between his almost-life in the castle and the promise of fame outside its walls. Before he can decide what to do, Castle Grotteskew and its inhabitants (living and almost-living) are in danger: the professor’s latest monstrous creation has smashed its way to freedom, and Stitch Head may be the only one who can stop it.

My Thoughts
Poor Stitch Head. All he wants is to be remembered by his Master/Creator after years of waiting. Stitch Head fixes the Master's mistakes and calms the creatures with potions. Filled with pictures and will give reluctant readers something to jump at for it is rather silly but scary.
I do love Creature and the fact that he wants Stitch Head to be his Very Best Friend Forever! There are funny poems for each chapter. Fulbert Freakfinder wants a way into the castle and is willing to use Stitch Head for his own means. Stitch Head does not want to betray his Master but does want to be remembered in some way.
This is a super cute but kinda scary book with monsters at every turn. I really like this one and already have the next one from NetGalley for reading!

Book Pairings
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