Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Zeke Meeks vs. the Big Blah-rific Birthday by D. L. Green

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Zeke Meeks vs. the Big Blah-rific Birthday 
by D. L. Green
illustrated by Josh Alves
128 pages
NetGalley- Capstone
Elementary Chapter Book
February 1st 2013

Book Jacket Summary
When Zeke's birthday party falls near Grace Chang's and Owen Leech's big bashes, he decides to cancel his party. After all, even he would rather go to their over-the-top parties than his simple celebration. But Zeke and his classmates are in for a surprise. Bigger doesn't always mean better.

My thoughts
Zeek is turning nine and all he wants is a bigger allowance and a later bed time. Instead he gets more mature and more chores! Plus there are two birthday parties scheduled on the weekend he was supposed to have his at home birthday party. Zeke cancels his party but his best friends Hector and Charlie come over a day before to have a small celebration. The class bully, Grace, has a huge birthday party but it ends up being a disaster and it is up to Zeke to save the party. I like that he uses a Tom Sawyer approach.
The chapter page is covered with scribbles of what Zeek thinks about them! We also have illustrations throughout and it is cool to see Grace's long sharp finger nails longing to lunge at Zeek. The book also has activities and a "Big Word" list with fun words like emesis and mutant that show up throughout the book. There is also a party game from Argentina that looks like fun! This looks like a fun series to start and I'll have to backtrack through them.

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