Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life by Matthew Sturges, Kelly Yates and Brian Shearer

Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life
Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life
by Matthew Sturges, Kelly Yates and Brian Shearer
93 pages
Graphic Novel
E-book- IDW Press

Book Jacket Summary
What's better: an ugly reality or beautiful fantasy? This is the question the Doctor is forced to confront in a medieval fantasy world where Amy Pond finds herself reluctantly cast as a damsel in distress. Matthew Sturges, Eisner Award-nominated writer of Jack of Fables, spins this yarn, featuring covers by Mark Buckingham of Miracleman and Fables fame.

My Quick Thoughts
Amy challenges the Doctor to take her to a medieval world and he quickly takes her to a medieval amusement park. However, something has gone wrong and this theme park has gone rouge. It is a wonderful story and would work as an actual episode.  Plus there is a robotic duck that the Doctor hacks to send messages to Amy. It is so funny! The artist did a great job rendering Matt Smith as the Doctor and Karien Gillian as Amy. It was strange not having Rory on the trip and made me nostalgic for the fifth season of Doctor Who, especially now that Matt Smith is leaving. This is a fun comic that really has the same magic of the show, with the Doctor causing trouble and Amy's witty banter. It is a short read and I recommend downloading it on to your reader and rereading it from time to time. I know I will!

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