Monday, September 30, 2013

Tib and Tumtum #1: Welcome to the Tribe by Grimaldi and Bannister

Tib and Tumtum #1: Welcome to the Tribe
by Grimaldi and Bannister
NetGalley- Graphic Universe  
Graphic Novel
October 1st 2013

Book Jacket Summary
The kids in Tib's tribe are so mean! They always make fun of Tib's birthmark. But one day Tib meets a new friend in the forest. This friend doesn't mind the birthmark. In fact, he has one too! He also has razor sharp teeth! 

Of course, no one believes Tib when he says he's found a real, live dinosaur. Dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago! How can Tib convince his tribe that his "imaginary friend" isn’t so imaginary after all?

My Thoughts
Graphic novels are so much fun and the new series of Tib and Tumtum run with concept. It is almost a situational comedy about a boy trying to tell everyone that he has a dinosaur friend but the dinosaur is doing everything in its power to hide the fact. Tib is your average cave boy, except for two things, a birthmark around his eye and a dinosaur that follows him around. He is teased about both because no one has seen the dinosaur but him. I had fun reading this comic and just enjoyed the ride of Tib's activities throughout the day. It was funny seeing life of a cave boy that seemed so modern.
Fans of How to Train Your Dragon will get a kick out of a boy who has an incredible friend that should be an enemy. It is a fast read but one that can be read over and over. Tib is sweet and adventurous, always ready to get in trouble. He has trouble with the other kids because they make fun of his birthmark. Always saying that he doesn't wash properly, calling him polka-dot face, and leaving him out of things. He finds a true friend in Tumtum and the little girl Kara (who might have a bit of a crush on Tib). I recommend this one and not just the younger kids.

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