Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mommy? by Maurice Sendak, Arthur Yorkins, and Matthew Reinhart

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by Maurice Sendak, Arthur Yorkins, and Matthew Reinhart
Pop-Up Halloween

Book Jacket Summary
Maurice Sendak's first pop-up book!

They're all here! Everybody's favorite monsters are just going about their business when a plucky little boy wanders into their cuckoo house. And what does he want? He wants Mommy!

No matter how scary these monsters are, there's no besting a little boy who's looking for his mommy. In one hilarious pop-up extravaganza after another, this kid shows them a thing or two.

My Thoughts
Oh Maurice Sendak, I keep finding little treasures that you drew in this pop-up book each time I look through it. The eyes that move in the creepy painting when you lift the flap or the bat head that hangs over the window. It is the perfect book of a child to stare at for hours. A little boy travels through the scary castle and the grounds around it looking for his mommy, instead he find Doctor Frankenstein, a Mummy, werewolf, and other monsters. This is the perfect Halloween book and not that scary. It is surprising that such a narrative can be made with a book that only has two words but Maurice Sendak has such an eye for detail that it is easy to look at how the story progresses.
Highly recommend, especially for those who love Sendak's work!

Book Pairings
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