Thursday, October 3, 2013

Yes, Let's by Galen G. Longstreth

Yes, Let's 
by Galen Goodwin Longstreth
illustrates by Maris Wicks
32 pages
Picture Book
Tanglewood Press- NetGalley
April 2013

Book Jacket Summary 
Let's get into the station wagon, roll those windows down,
Let's sing out loud and wave to cows as we drive out of town.
Let's park the car beneath the trees and trade our shoes for boots,
Let's set the timer, all say "Cheese!" then head into the woods.

In this cute book about a family's camping trip, the simple, rhyming text is enhanced by comical illustrations that bring wit and energy to every page. Packaged in a smaller size for little hands and easy to pack up, this book would be a perfect read-aloud during the car ride, along with a great way to recap a trip at the end. The illustrations inside the front cover serve as a reminder of things to pack, and the story inspires activities to plan. There is even a space in the back to paste a picture of the reader's own family trip. This little book serves as a loving tribute to family togetherness.

My Thoughts
This is a great book to read to a child the night before a trip to the state park or hiking trails. It shows a family getting ready for a trip and having a wonderful time hanging out by the lake. It also shows the long walk back to their car because it always feels longer on the way back than the immediate excitement of getting there. It is bright and cheerful with lots to look at on each page. I know might get it for a family I know that likes to camp out on weekends. It is hard to find a book that still has the heart of family at it's core but Yes, Let's shows that just being with those you love can result in a wonderful day.

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