Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tib and Tumtum: My Amazing Dinosaur by Grimaldi and Bannister

Tib and Tumtum: My Amazing Dinosaur 
by Grimaldi and Bannister
48 pages
Lerner Publishing Group
Graphic Universe
May 2014

Book Jacket Summary
The tribe knows that Tib's friend, Tumtum, is real. But not everyone loves the red dinosaur as much as Tib does. The other children aren't interested in playing with the creature, and they make fun of Tib more than ever. And some adults are still worried that Tumtum is dangerous. Tib's mother even forbids Tib from seeing his friend! How can Tib prove to the tribe that there's more to this dinosaur than meets the eye? 

My Thoughts
The next book in the Tib and Tumtum series is just as cute as the first. The art is fantastic and I just love the comic interactions between the boy and his dinosaur. Tib is still a social outcast with the other children in his village but he does have Tumtum to keep him company. His mother is unsure about Tib spending all his time with a "dangerous" dinosaur but Tumtum makes another spectacular save and is deemed alright. I do feel for Tib because all the children make fun of him. The main bully seems to be getting crueler and the others follow his lead. Their favorite game of 'make fun of Tib' jus bothers me but I suppose that is the idea. 
I recommend this one to kids who love graphic novels or those who are reluctant readers. Just having a dinosaur in the book should capture a wide audience but it also has fun elements. Boys might find the tracking part of the book gross but fun because they talk about the different types of dung animals make. Cute and just plain fun!

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