Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Memoirs of a Goldfish by Devin Scillian

Memoirs of a Goldfish
by Devin Scillian
illustrated by Tim Bowers
32 pages
Personal Copy
Picture Book
April 2010

Book Jacket Summary
With his bowl to himself, Goldfish loves his life...until one day...
A personal account from a goldfish on life in his bowl as other intruders crowd him.
My Thoughts
The highs and lows of having a family are highlighted in Memoirs of a Golfish in a cute and fanciful way. My grandfather has always had a giant fish tank that I would spend time looking at and wondering what is going on in their little world. Well, this is a great book for those inquistive minds that wonder just that. Our little gold fish starts out by himself in a nice little fish bowl but soon gets over crowded by various other fish and decorations. All he wants is some room to himself and get away from all those other fish. His wish is granted but does he still want to be alone?
This book reminds me of Finding Nemo but in a good way. The way the fish interact and the crowded bowl just maked the movie pop into mind. I really like the illustrations in this book and the epressions that the little goldfish produces are rather funny. He is confused by a recent addition on a suba diver decoration and calls him Mr. Bubbles. It is an adorable book that even makes me want an aquarium.

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