Monday, October 27, 2014

Cecil the Pet Glacier by Matthea Harvey

Cecil the Pet Glacier
by Matthea Harvey 
illustrated by Giselle Potter
Picture Book
August 2012

Book Jacket Summary
In a starred review Publishers Weekly raves: "It’s an avant-garde, surrealist story with a Hollywood-style tearjerker lurking within—and a surprisingly charming and affecting one at that."

Award-winning poet Matthea Harvey and illustrator extraordinaire Giselle Potter team up to create an indescribably unique picture book about wanting to be normal, then coming to appreciate being different. Ruby would love to be like everyone else—not easy when you have a tiara-wearing mother and a father who spends his time trimming outrageous topiary. She'd also like to get a nice normal pet, maybe a dog. Then, on a family vacation to Norway, she finds herself adopted by a small, affectionate glacier. How Cecil, as the ice pet is named, proves himself to Ruby—risking his own meltdown—is a story sure to thrill and delight young readers.

My Thoughts
Truth be told I picked this book up because it looked so weird and it did not disappoint. The cover intrigued me with a girl, three identical dolls and a glacier that seemed to be following her. It made me pause and want to know what in the world is going on. That is a good cover. The book is even better. 
Ruby just wants to be normal in a family that does crazy things, Her father cut topiaries into animal shapes and her mother designs tiaras (and wears them). All Ruby wants is to have tea parties with her three dolls and maybe get a normal pet. Instead on a trip to Norway she gets a pet glacier, not that she wants a pet glacier mind you. It is a book about acceptance and redefining normal. Plus maybe figuring out that normal is not all it is cracked up to be in life. I have to say that it was all that I wanted and more in a story about a pet glacier. 
Please pick this on up and maybe give Cecil, the pet glacier some love!   

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