Monday, November 10, 2014

Peep Leap by Elizabeth Verdick

Peep Leap 
by Elizabeth Verdick
illustrated by John Bendall-Brunello
28 pages
Picture Book
March 2013

Book Jacket Summary
In the hollow of a tree, higher than the eye can see . . . nine wood ducks hatch, one by one. "That's good!" says Mama. "We're almost done." One last egg is very still. . . . Finally, the smallest egg hatches. Then it's time for all the wood ducks to make the BIG jump from the tree, where their mother made her nest, to the water below. Ducklings One through Nine make the leap. But Duckling Ten isn't so sure. This adorable counting book highlights the giant leap that wood ducks must make on their second day in the world.

My Thoughts
This book was a Kindle Daily Deal a while a go and I finally got around to reading it! Ducklings are adorable and of course seeing these babies jump from a tree can be quite terrifying but it is part of nature! This counting book focuses more on the last duckling than the first nine. They make the leap but the last is hesitant to make the jump. Encouraging words from the mother, brothers, and sisters help the little bird make its decision. Each baby looks frightened taking the leap for the first time but they are swimming around and content when we see them next.
This is very cute with muted colors of the forest around the ducklings tree. The book comes with an authors note that explains why the ducklings must jump rather than fly. Here is a hint- their wings are not strong enough. It is not your typical counting book but that is okay because there are plenty out there. This one ties it in with a nature tale and makes it fun to count each duckling as they jump!      

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