Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Reader by Amy Hest

The Reader

by Amy Hest

illustrated by Lauren Castillo

32 pages

Picture Book

October 2012

Book Jacket Summary
In this timeless picture book, a new reader trudges through deep snow with a mysterious suitcase in tow. He has something important to share with his faithful companion, who bolts ahead to wait at the top of a tall hill. Our small hero climbs higher and higher, until finally, he is there, too. Then he opens his suitcase ? click, click ? and soon the only sound in the world is the sound of him reading their very favorite book to the very last page?the very last word. Amy Hest's spare evocative text is a true celebration of new readers and good friends everywhere, while Lauren Castillo's pen and ink and watercolor illustrations, with their bold saturated colors against winter white, perfectly capture the wonder and delight of this magical day.

My Quick Thoughts
With it being frigid out I think that this book is an appropriate read. The Reader is an adorable book about a boy and his dog that go up a hill to sled. However the best part is that they take a break in between climbing and sledding to read a book. They drink what I assume is hot cocoa and have a snack before sledding home.  
 My dad sent me this book as a present on my Kindle and it just the kind of book we would have read together. We loved Owl Moon and the crunch of snow but living in Texas has it's draw backs. We could only read about it. Sledding looks like fun but also hard work as The Reader trudges up the hill while his faithful dog waits for him.  
It is worth checking out of the library and adding to your winter reading list. Bundle up warm and read about the snow.

Book Pairings
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