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The Magic Half (Miri and Molly #1) by Annie Barrows

The Magic Half
(Miri and Molly #1)
by Annie Barrows
212 pages
Middle Grade- Time Travel
December 2007

Book Jacket Summary
Miri is the non-twin child in a family with two sets of them--older brothers and younger sisters. The family has just moved to an old farmhouse in a new town, where the only good thing seems to be Miri's ten-sided attic bedroom. But when Miri gets sent to her room after accidentally bashing her big brother on the head with a shovel, she finds herself in the same room . . . only not quite.

Without meaning to, she has found a way to travel back in time to 1935 where she discovers Molly, a girl her own age very much in need of a loving family. A highly satisfying classic-in-the-making full of spine-tingling moments, this is a delightful time-travel novel for the whole family.

My Thoughts
I picked this up as a Kindle Daily Deal a while ago but put off reading it like I do so many of my ebooks. When I saw that the squeal was coming out I decided to just sit down and read it. Much to my surprise it turns out to be a time travel book! My favorite genre! There is just something thrilling about being able to travel back in time.
Miri set in the middle of two sets of twins and always feels left out. Her older brother don't want to play with her and her little sisters are just too young. Miri wants to have a friend all her own that loves to pretend. Moving to a new house is stressful but soon Miri finds magic that lets her time travel to the past. There she meets Molly and they hatch a plan to bring Molly forward in time with Miri to escape her abusive aunt and cousin. There is hidden treasure, magical glasses, fairy godmothers, and evil relatives to liven up this book.
I really like Miri because she acts impulsively; she whacks her brother in the head with a shovel and with rush to the past to save Molly. I think that I would have bee the same way when I was younger and caught up in an adventure. This book is really cute and I can't wait to see what time traveling Molly and Miri do in their next book. Plus we have to see how Molly acclimates to a new loving family. I recommend this fast read, especially to those who love a time travel adventure.

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  1. That sounds really interesting! Fast reads with lots of action are fab

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