Monday, June 15, 2015

Bramble and Maggie: Give and Take by Jessie Haas

15798652 Bramble and Maggie: Give and Take
by Jessie Haas
illustrated by Alison Friend
56 pages
Early Reader
Library Copy 
April 23rd 2013 by Candlewick Press 
Book Jacket Summary
Maggie and her mischievous horse, Bramble, are back for another spirited romp through the ins and outs of friendship.

Maggie loves introducing her new horse, Bramble, to the neighborhood, the beach, and the backyard. Bramble has fun too, once she is cajoled into participating by a well-timed carrot or two. But when Maggie has to go to school, Bramble is bored and lonely and gets into some trouble with Mr. Dingle next door. A misbehaving hen and a midnight visitor finally help to turn Bramble into a good neighbor. This charming and funny early reader flows at just the right pace for kids who are learning that others don’t always do exactly what you want, but that friends find a way to give and take.

My Thoughts
Horses were my favorite animal growing up and I always read horse themed books. I guess my eye is still drawn to them because I found this on the library shelf and thought I would give it a go. It is a very cute easy reader about a girl, her horse, and a hen. It it also about the stubbornness of horses, which I know from personal experience. There is a cute exchange about Bramble blowing out her stomach to keep the girth from being tightened. This a thing that most horses do and it was nice to see it in a kids book. There is an actual plot with Bramble being bored while Maggie is away at school and their neighbor giving Bramble his hen for company. This was an easy read, it is an easy reader after all but still enough there if an adult reads it out loud. This will keep a horse loving child entertained but it is also funny enough for a child not totally interested in them. A good mix of humor and animals hi jinx make this a rather good find.

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