Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bow-Wow's Nightmare Neighbors by Mark Newgarden

Bow-Wow's Nightmare Neighbors 
by Mark Newgarden
Library Copy
Picture Book
Roaring Brook Press
November 2014

Book Jacket Summary
As Bow-Wow naps, his neighbors creep in and steal his cozy green bed. When the expressive pup tries to get it back, colorful chaos ensues as the house next door might not be exactly what he thought. From authors Mark Newgarden and Megan Montague Cash comes Bow-Wow's Nightmare Neighbors.

My Thoughts
Bow-Wow just wants to nap on his doggie bed but the ghost cats have a different idea. They carry off the bed and Bow-Wow goes on a journey to get it back. This wordless picture book is just the right kind of fun that kids are looking for around Halloween. It is cute and the ghost cats are mischievous with a hint of kindness. I really like the art and way the story moves despite the lack of words. I would recommend this one as a bed time story to point out funny things and make up your own dialogue that fits the story. 

Book Pairings
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