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Fairies and the Quest for Never Land by Gail Carson Levine

Fairies and the Quest for Never Land
by Gail Carson Levine  
Disney Press
June 2010

Book Jacket Summary
Gwendolyn Carlisle loves fairies, perhaps too much. On her birthday, she receives the precious "kiss" necklace which has been passed down from mother to daughter ever since Peter Pan gave it to Wendy Darling. That night, Gwendolyn has the first of her visions-tantalizing, lifelike visions, almost as if she were actually in Fairy Haven. She sees animaltalent fairy Beck give a pie to wise Mother Dove and hears the voices of water-talent Rani and even Tinker Bell herself.

More than anything, Gwendolyn wishes she could be there. When she is just about to lose hope, Peter Pan comes at last and blows fairy dust on her. The instant they reach Never Land, she sets out to find fairies. But the fairies are not eager to meet her.

Then the evil Kyto, a dragon the fairies once helped to capture, escapes. He intends to destroy Never Land, starting with Fairy Haven. The fairies have but one choice: they must stop Kyto. As they set out on their desperate quest-a quest that could be their very last-the fairies must decide if Gwendolyn can help or hinder. . . .

Infused with magic and feeling, and bursting with excitement, this thrilling tale is the third in the celebrated series of illustrated novels from Newbery Honor winning author Gail Carson Levine and renowned illustrator David Christiana.

My Thoughts
Gwendolyn is an ancestor of Wendy but is not as enamored with Peter as her family. Instead she loves fairies and the "kiss" (the acorn button from the original story) shows them to her in her dreams. During her first trip to Never Land, Gwendolyn gets to meet Mother Dove and the fairies. However there is danger coming as Kyto, the evil dragon, escapes his confinement. Will Gwen's love of fairies put them in even more danger? 

Gwen is young and has typical bouts of anger with herself and with the elements around her. I do like that she is more spirited than Wendy and her mother. She sees the faults in Peter plainly but is still willing to go on an adventure with him. She also is not one to clean and be "mother" to the lost boys. She is a modern girl who is expected to be a Victorian one in Peter's eyes. They only touch on this a little but I thought it was well done!

This is the third and final installment of Gail Carson Levine's series. From this point out the fairy books are based on the movies. I would point out that the previous books have been very traumatic, even for me, but this one is tamer in depictions of violence and just general bad things happening to fairies.

Book Pairings
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